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Robotautomation för logistik, lagerhantering, distrubitionscenter och e-handel.

Paketering med Motomanrobot

Robot i kylrum (stabil och låg temperatur)



Orderplockning med hjälp av robot

Large E-Commerce and FMCG Retailers count on Good-to-Picker principle in their warehouses - using a fleet of mobile platforms (without robotic arms), and moving shelves of goods or boxes on conveyors, in front of very versatile stationary robotic piece pickers. 

In large automatic warehouse installation, we also find Robot Pickers located at the conveyor outlets of large warehouses. Robot Pickers are picking parts out and commissioning them into racks, cartons or boxes, to fulfil orders.

Gods-till-plockare med robot

Case Picking (Goods to Picker) with Motoman Robots

Case Picking is a growing application category in warehouses, based on classical Pick / Place / Palletizing Packaging Industry machinery, but supplemented by exciting machine vision technology.

Lådplockning och palletering

E-handel och palletering

Kontraktsförpackning - paketering av logistikleverantör