M.A.i insert molding

Innovative and complex automation solutions for insert molding and back injection of UD tapes


  • Lighter, more stable and more decorative
  • Weight saving of 35%
  • Complex installation of a manufacturing cell directly at the injection molding machine


The Celstran CFR-TP PPGF70-013 UD tapes from Celanese used for reinforcement contain unidirectional (“UD”) endless glass fibers and offer greatly increased tensile strength in the direction of the fibers.

The injected rib structure consists of PP-GF30 (of type Fibremold from Borealis) and it was possible to reduce the wall thickness from 4 mm to 3 mm.

Additional application of a graphic overlay (KURZ, 0.5 mm) in various designs.

M.A.i developed a so-called hot-handling application – a heated gripper system. This trade fair highlight served to control and regulate the heating process of the UD tapes right up until direct loading into the mold. This enabled a shortened process time and also allowed gentler and more targeted temperature control. The additional use of graphic overlays results in products that can also be used, for example, in vehicle interiors.

The manufacturing cell consisted of a Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Systec Servo 210 injection molding machine, a 6-axis MH12 robot from Yaskawa with a multiple gripper system and hot-handling for the UD tapes, as well as unloading stations for the graphic overlays and the metal inlays. Also integrated into the cell were a heating and unloading station for the UD tapes, a cutting station for sprue removal and a riveting station for joining the two halves of the nutcracker.


Using the M.A.i hot-handling application, the robot picked up the film insert, the parts to be loaded and the UD tape and moved into the open mold of the injection molding machine. There, the finished workpiece was removed from the cavity. The robot then positioned the film insert, the UD pre-cut and the metal inlays into the cavity in sequence before the mold closed and the back injection process started.