Innovative automation: linked robots produce input shafts


  • Innovative automation solution for production of input shafts


  • Use of a system implemented by SYMACON:
  • Two linked robotic cells, each with a six-axis Motoman MH5L robot
  • Cells linked by a recirculating workpiece carrier system
  • First cell: positioning of the workpiece in the measurement fixture and separate setdown of faulty parts by the robot; double gripper enables implementation of a fast cycle change
  • Second cell: packaging of the parts in special trays by the robot


  • MH5L robots enable versatile and flexible applications
  • Compact design for minimal installation space requirements
  • Integrated fluid and air supply for maximum system reliability, reduction of sources of interference and simplified programming
  • Acceleration of cycle times by dispensing with additional swivel units due to the special robot kinematic system of the MH5L