Fully automatic and electrical assembly for Tinkerbots

  • Kund
  • Mikron


  • Assembly and disassembly of three different Tinkerbot© models
  • Handling of bricks with Motoman HC10 robot and presentation of Mikron Cube


  • Four automatic handling systems (Two for assembly, two for disassembly)
  • Beckhoff XTS linear system for fast transportation and independent forward and backward carrier movements
  • Motoman HC10 collaborative robot for human interaction during machine processing
  • Integration of IO Link


  • Fully automatic assembly and disassembly
  • No pneumatics, only electrical components
  • Collaborative assembly with two laser scanners that detect objects and humans in front of the cell and adapt speed of robot
  • Optical lights, which show current robot status
  • Integrated camera for digital service
  • Energy- and consumption-tracking in HMI