End-of-line handling

  • Kund
  • Avícola El Ángel
  • Innovantia


  • Complete the production automation cycle in Avícola El Ángel and optimize the final handling process
  • Change a repetitive and heavy manual process to a digitized and automated process to protect the health of employees
  • Regulate fluctuations in production


  • An end-of-line multiformat robotic solution based on 3 Yaskawa robots (two MPL80 and one MPL160), assisted by vacuum generation and a mechanical claw, capable of palletizing the entire production of the egg and poultry farm


  • Reduction of faults at the end of the line and the improvement in the quality of the presentation of the final product, thanks to the precise handling offered by the robots
  • Reduction of the time-to-market, also being able to manage the peaks or troughs of production simply, by reprogramming of the robots
  • Increase in the welfare of the operators, who since the introduction of the robots no longer have to handle loads at the end of the line or execute highly repetitive movements that have a negative impact on their health


  • At present, Avícola El Ángel manages an average of 120,000 eggs per hour in a more efficient way and with a very high level of quality in the presentation of the final product
  • Robotic handling has allowed a drastic reduction in failures such as breakage or misplacement