AAF - Automated welding of large hoppers

  • Kund
  • AAF S.A.


  • AAF required a solution to automate the welding of large hoppers. These hoppers needed to be welded both internally and externally and therefore a solution was required that could reach practically any point on a part requiring welding and that also enabled automatic rotation of the hoppers. Until then, AAF welded and rotated parts manually. The standard gantry solution did not facilitate access to all necessary welding points.


  • The solution is based on a welding cell with two work stations enabling welding in one or the other independently, while in the second station the operator may load and unload the part.
  • This cell is also composed of a longitudinal track with an effective run of 10,600 mm and a tilted column to elevate the robot to different heights while being able to approach the part and the different welding points, both internal and externally.
  • Additionally, 2 positioners in each work station enable full rotation of the hopper.


  • The solution provided by Yaskawa facilitates increased production cycles by reducing handling and welding times due to the two independent work stations, offering a more technically suited system with greater reach than the gantry solution.


  • Using the solution provided by Yaskawa, AAF has achieved a reduction in welding time from 4h to 1h per unit. 
  • Furthermore, AAF is currently using the installation for the welding of other parts even larger than the initial hoppers.