New MOTOMAN painting robots

13. februari 2018

Yaskawa has expanded its range of efficient painting robots with two new models. The compact MPX1150 is specially designed to paint smaller workpieces and the more powerful MPX2600 is especially suitable for industrial coating applications.

Through the development of robots in the MPX series, Yaskawa has invested in maximum utilization of floor space and peak speed while maintaining a high level of user-friendliness. The construction not only enables efficient use of the area during the robot arm, but also a location closer to the workpiece. A slight overpressure in the robotic arm of the MPX robots also ensures protection in ATEX environments with low air consumption during work.

MOTOMAN-MPX1150 can handle a five-kilo payload and it is sufficient for a wide range of painting equipment. The range is 1156 mm vertically and 727 mm horizontally.
MOTOMAN-MPX2600 can handle a payload of 15 kg and has a range of 2000 mm. Thanks to its elegant design and so on. Lemma (L-type) wrist is the robot well equipped for demanding painting tasks, such as coating of internal body parts.

All robots in the MPX series are controlled by the DX200 control system. This Yaskawa standard controller offers all options known from other applications such as bus systems, bansynchronizations, and more. Additionally, the DX200 also has a security device (FSU) which, among other things, makes it possible to divide the robot's work area into different security zones.
In addition to the new MPX1150 and MPX2600 models, the MPX series also includes the Motomanrobot MPX3500. With its payload of 15 kg and a horizontal range of 2700 mm and vertical reach of 3500 mm, it is the largest and most powerful of the three painting robots.